Flowering Together

Learning from home just got a whole lot brighter! Siren Floral Co has developed weeks of courses, each with a different color palette and floral elements. In this course we'll create an artful Centerpiece together, as well as some smaller satellite pieces and incorporate candles and other styling elements into a full table design. We’ll discuss the concepts we implement when pitching a tabletop design to clients, and cover pricing/recipes.

Each course provides a list of the tools & materials needed for class via Amazon. These courses were previously recorded via Zoom during a “live” session and unfortunately do not come with a shipment of flowers. However, SFC does provide the color palette, floral recipe and inspiration board so you can source from your local flower market to follow along. Pay attention to the season of each course for accessibility of blooms, or run with the palette inspiration on your own at the market to implement the floral techniques and come up with a similar look to your designs. :) Have follow up questions after class? You'll be able to engage with other students in the super fun Community Dashboard for each class you sign up for.


  • Class 1 — Conceptualizing your table/pitching to a client

  • Class 2 — Creating your centerpiece/styling the table

What's Included

  • Recorded courses to watch at your own pace

  • An easy, pre-planned shopping list of materials needed for class via Amazon

  • Companion e-booklet with in-depth step-by-step course content

  • Pricing breakdown to take each item you create from Wholesale to Retail

  • Community Board to ask questions and post your work

  • Lifetime access to all course materials

Let's Get Flowering

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Please note: This course is not LIVE. It was recorded live and is now available for purchase as a pre-recorded course. This course does not come with a shipment of flowers. If you'd like to take a LIVE course, please see our upcoming courses here.