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  • Bouquet Technique

    Refine your bouquet skills with Rachael's artful technique, focusing on raw movement and natural composition.

  • Building Infrastructure

    Learn how to start with intention and solid infrastructure that gives your free-form vision strength and stability.

  • Self-Confidence in Design

    Allow yourself to let go of tradition, stereotypes, etc. to truly create from your heart and feel confident in your ability as a designer.

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Rachael Lunghi


Rachael is a heartfelt floral designer turned mentor and instructor. Her love for blooms and humans has moved her to share her knowledge about the intersection of floristry and art. She has been lucky enough to teach and engage with florists all over the globe from South Korea to Carpinteria. Within this course platform, she hopes to reach many more (aspiring and seasoned florists alike) to share the knowledge and talents she's acquired throughout her career thus far.

I can see a significant difference in my work since taking her class

hannah downie @hannahdownie

Rachael is an absolute dream to learn from- she is so kind, passionate, and stunningly talented. Her method of teaching truly fosters an individual’s creativity and encourages the development of personal style; I can see a significant difference in my work since taking her class! So grateful for such a wonderful learning experience. Looking forward to taking many more Siren Floral Co. workshops and classes in the future.

She's your go-to gal

Laura Reynolds

When I Knew I wanted to be a florist, I didn’t know where to begin, I have always followed Rachael and have always adored her and her amazing florals. The thing that sets Rachael apart is her amazing floral style and technique, it’s out of this world. She’ll also always take the time to engage with her followers which meant a lot to me when I wanted to invest in a floral workshop, I knew she was my gal, even if that meant traveling to another state, and I’m SO glad I did. I got to work one on one with her in her beautiful flower studio, she built my confidence and helped me with any questions I had, and not just how to build a bouquet, but about the business side of things and tips on succeeding in the floral industry. If you are thinking about attending a workshop or are in need of an amazing florist, she’s your go-to gal.

She’s a master florist

Wine Country Florals

I was so thrilled to participate in one of Rachel’s classes last year!! I’ve been working with flowers for over 10 years and I really needed to learn new techniques and the latest trends. Rachel is so talented. I was impressed with how easily she saw what I needed to do to achieve more movement, depth and balance in my floral design. She’s a master florist and these online classes are truly priceless.

Shout out to the granny music!!

Maggie Mckay - Honeysuckle Floral

It's no surprise that Rachael was planning on being a teacher before she became a florist! Having the opportunity to take a Mentorship course with her was a dream. Rachael was so inviting and welcoming, taking the time to get to know you, your life, and what your hopes are. She was able to clearly breakdown and talk through design technique and color theory, while making it a fun and creative day (shout out to the granny music!!)! The process was very hands-on, and I could work at my own pace without feeling rushed. Rachael was incredibly generous to share her wealth of knowledge of the floral industry as a whole, even highlighting areas where she wish she had known what she does now. I was able to walk away from a one-day Mentorship class with greater confidence, motivation, and practical skills, all which helped me get my new business off the ground!! I'd highly recommend attending any course you can with Rachael!

Her teaching style was super approachable


I was lucky enough to be gifted a spot in one of Rachael's spring bouquet group classes, and completely loved the experience. Rachael was so sweet and down to earth, and had thoughtfully assembled beautiful ingredients as well as a super-talented photography and model team. Her teaching style was super-approachable - no "this is the right way to do things" - instead she showed how she designed bouquets, starting as a complete novice. The end result is still one of my favorite bouquets - wild and floaty (as is Siren Floral's particular style of magic) in a gorgeous and unexpected palette. I highly recommend one of Rachel's classes, whether you are just starting out, or an experienced florist looking to grow your skills.
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