LIVE online courses with blooms shipped straight to your door.

Join us for LIVE Siren Floral Co Flower School!

Each LIVE course comes with a box of blooms shipped right to your door, along with a clear list of tools/materials needed for class. We also offer resources on where to buy materials, along with a pre-planned Amazon shopping list should you choose to go that route. Engage in group discussion or questions during class time, or save them for later with a private Zoom feedback session for student/teacher discussions and critiques.

International Students Unfortunately the wholesalers do not have the bandwidth to support international students purchasing the course with product. If you are still interested in purchasing the course to watch later, please email us at

Felt as though you were there in person

Carolynn McNamara
Mac Blooms

Taking classes with Rachael at Siren Floral Co. was a wonderful experience. She was so kind and thoughtful when providing feedback and sharing her floral knowledge with us all. Her classes were fun and filled with so much content. Even with the virtual part of the course, she took the time to check in with each student and it felt as though you were there in person. Being stuck inside during this time can be really stressful and I feel like this class really brought literal sunshine to my little floral studio. I can't thank Rachael enough for her time and dedication to bringing these classes to us!

I'm just waiting for round 3 to come out so I can sign up

Ashley Jarvis

Rach I had a blast!!! My technique is moving in a direction I'm so happy about. Very light and airy with little to NO greenery!! For me this class is a definite repeat I'm just waiting for round 3 to come out so I can sign up!!!

So much helpful info packed into the two hours

Karis Vandel-holm

Wow this class was so much fun, and so much helpful info packed into the two hours. It made me forget about the world for a while and it was a joy to see so many other smiling flowering faces on the Zoom screen. Because I had the same exact blooms as Rachael, I was truly able to see every step in detail and further understand what I needed to do to improve my bouquet. I can't wait to take another one of these classes!


Jacquelynn Banaban

Had so much fun flowering with everyone. Learned so much and appreciated the tips, tricks, and feedback. The flowers and color choices were perfect. All the designs looked amazing! & Rachael did a phenomenal job at creating and coordinating. Definitely want to flower more with Rachael!

What's Included

Live courses only

  • Zoom integrated LIVE class time through our Online Classroom

  • A box of floral product planned/curated by Siren Floral Co, and shipped directly to your door

  • Our Resource Guide which includes a shopping list of tools and where-to-source them for this course

  • Processing/conditioning tips video (pre-recorded) with an accompanying how-to unbox E-Booklet

  • Companion E-booklet for each course time with helpful tips / notes on the design process

  • Recipe breakdown of your box for each course

  • Pricing breakdown to take each item you create from Wholesale to Retail

  • Group Q+A after each course session

  • Private, individual feedback session via email for each student + their work

  • Revisit the course whenever you want, we’ll be recording it / you’ll have lifetime access after purchase


  • I’ve purchased the course, now what?

    Look through your initial course materials and prepare your HOMEWORK asap!

    Email us your email + phone number to: for your floral shipment

    Set up a Zoom account (you’ll need this to log in to class)

    Be sure to mark class dates + times on your calendar

    Get excited to flower together LIVE!

  • How do I access the LIVE class at class time?

    The week of class you’ll receive the remaining course materials along with your Zoom links for each individual class login, along with your necessary Meeting ID #s and/or passwords

    If you haven’t used Zoom before, there’s a How To Join a Meeting video here

  • If I’m an International student-can I purchase the course?

    Unfortunately, we can only offer international students access to purchase the course AFTER it’s been recorded (no blooms included;/)

    You WILL however be able to purchase it at a lower price after it’s been recorded, and will still have access to the recipe information should you choose to order blooms on your own in order to design/participate :)

  • What if I can’t make the scheduled LIVE class time, but still want to participate/purchase for that week?

    You can still receive your box and watch on your own time if you can’t make the LIVE course time.

    We will ship your box out the same, and you’ll unbox/process on your own along with our How-To E-booklet

    Once the LIVE course has finished each day of class, we’ll post the recorded version to our Online School within 24 hours, which should give you enough time to watch + still create with your blooms along with us

  • What if I just want to buy the class week to watch LIVE or later, but won’t participate in the flower box?

    We have a special rate / course for you to purchase :)

    Please email to get the private link for this purchase

  • How will my flowers be shipped to me?

    Via FedEx straight to your door

  • When will my flowers arrive?

    All flower deliveries will either arrive Tuesday morning or Wednesday morning of Flower School week

    You’ll be provided with individual Tracking Info via FedEx and we highly encourage you to keep an eye on it + be prepared to receive the blooms / process them immediately

    You will be responsible for processing all of your blooms (Siren Floral Co is not liable for any damaged or wilted blooms) please be sure to follow the instructions provided to help with rehydration and conditioning

  • What if my flowers don’t arrive by the guaranteed time FedEx provides (10:30am) on their delivery date?

    Don’t worry! We’ll provide you with a tracking number

    Call FedEx customer service and provide them with that number to find out where the blooms are

    If you still have trouble, email us at and we’ll link you up with the wholesalers/ try to help as best we can from afar!

  • What flowers will be included in my box?

    IT'S A SURPRISE, but get excited :) Also, we'll have a full recipe breakdown for you available in the course starting next week.

  • If I sign up for a class week, can I just take one class?

    Totally up to you to just join in on one class, but the pricing doesn't change. You'll still receive the full flower box which covers the product for ALL of that week's courses and that pricing is flat rate. Unfortunately we cannot make adjustments in pricing for the LIVE course week.

  • Will the classes be available for individual purchase later?

    YES! We will post each individual course in our course library available to watch separately following the LIVE course weeks with the pricing adjusted. *These courses will not come with product*

    We are also offering a pricing option to watch ALL of the courses later, not LIVE / without product (email us for the link!)

Siren Floral Co is not liable for any damaged, wilted or broken product received by the purchaser/student. Siren Floral Co is not liable for blooms that are not kept in the appropriate conditions, or processed incorrectly. Unboxing / processing is the sole responsibility of the student/purchaser. Siren Floral Co is not responsible for any shipping issues / all shipping issues are to be taken up with FedEx directly.